Having Directory Issues?

How can I update my contact information?

To update your contact information, log into Self-Service Banner by visiting Select the "Personal Information" tab and choose the menu option named "Change Directory Profile". Once you update your information, it will take several hours for it to appear in the phonebook.

My department is missing or innacurate in Self-Service Banner when I try to update my contact information, what should I do?

To modify department information in Self-Service Banner, please submit a support ticket via the support portal. Visit the Support Portal.

How do I dial these phone numbers?

For detailed instructions on how to dial phone numbers, please click HERE.

How do I add/remove/update my department phone or fax number?

To modify department phone or fax numbers, please submit a ticket by visiting the Support Portal.

Someone is appearing or isn't appearing in the directory when they should or shouldn't.

Employees with an active job assignment appear in the directory. If you believe that an employee is erronously displayed or not displayed, please check with HR.